Stainless steel door handles
is our business
Continuous Arge
We are designing stainless steel door handle
Each day
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Ozbek Door Handles İn The Stainless Steel Door Handles Sector

Stainless steel door handles is our business

We start to produce stainless steel door handles at second half of the 1988 and now we selling in the Turkey and all over World.

We are using highest quality raw material in our door handles production.

We also perform polishing and coating processes with the highest level of precision.

All of quality, packing and shipment process controlled by our engineer. Our engineer always follow every each process at production.

Our activities

  • Stainless Steel Door handles manufacturing
  • Furniture Handle Manufacturing

The most important issue for us is the satisfaction of our customers.

Our quality policy

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers; 

Always improve our material quality.

Our quality policy is do not compromise our quality, service and delivery time

Our Core Values

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and our driving force.
Our priority goal as an annual Kulp is to provide customer satisfaction and to reflect our brand strength. For this; we work harder to produce our products faster and deliver faster, without sacrificing quality, and to benefit our customers with after-sale support.

We trust our innovative and original spirit in our designs. Being innovative means using innovative technological facilities as innovative. With our designs shaped through this thought, we produce values ​​that guide, not follow. Thus, each product makes our customers feel special.

We get our power from solution partnership. We believe that a big brand exists with its employees and customers. Therefore, we act with our team that takes the power of the team spirit, and we reach our common goals with our solution partners.

We work not just for today but tomorrow. Providing continuity of our services is our main principle. We will use all our resources in a rational way, set appropriate strategies and produce values ​​that will benefit our future.

We aim for “zero mistakes” with a perfectionist philosophy. We know that the brands that continuously monitor, develop and enhance employee and product qualities perfectly. We also strive for “zero mistakes” by always providing excellence in all employees by providing necessary training and managing all our processes in a rational manner.

Our existence is elevated on our principle of honest and ethical work. It is essential to be fair, honest and objective in all our relationships. For this reason, without compromising our corporate ethics, we establish relationships based on mutual goodwill and understanding with our customers.

We act with the consciousness of collecting responsibility. We act with the awareness that we have social responsibilities towards the collecting we are in, we are sensitive to our cultural values ​​and heritage and we are involved in projects that benefit future generations.


As a family of Özbek Door Handles, which combines living spaces with aesthetic and elegance, we have been manufacturing door accessories and furniture accessories for 30 years. By closely following modern technology and up-to-date design trends; We produce in accordance with the principles of “Zero Error in Production” and “Delivery on Time” principles. We offer 16 color alternatives and hundreds of combinations in door handles, furniture handles and hanger products to our customers’ liking. We also produce effective solutions for special requests from our customers with “VIP Services Unit”.

7×24 Support

As Özbek Door Handles, you can communicate with us at any time of day. You can communicate with us via social media, whatsapp, phone, mail. Our teams in production, transportation, cargo and arge departments are always support you.

Our fixed number is 0 (212) 418 10 21 and you can reach to our office in Rami during the working hours of the day. You can get information about your products from your mobile phone number to your mobile phone number at 0 (536) 940 19 64. We are constantly checking and responding instantly to your mails every hour of the day. You can also contact us via social media.

Stainless Steel Door Handles